Nizhny Novgorod Tourism and Information Center
2 "a" Malaya Pokrovskaya, Nizhny Novgorod, 603001, Russian Federation
Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
+7 (831) 424 11 00
The main task of the Nizhny Novgorod Tourism and Information Center is the formation of a comfortable information environment for guests and residents of the Nizhny Novgorod region: information about interesting places, excursions and tours around the region, information about accommodation, food and transport in the Nizhny Novgorod region.
# 1
State budget institution of the Kaliningrad region "Regional Tourist Information Centre"
Kaliningrad. 4, Mira avenue; 1, Pobedy square
Kaliningrad Oblast
+7(4012)555200, 88002005539
The purpose of activities of the Regional Tourism Information Center is promoting of external and internal tourism in the Kaliningrad region. Consultants of the center offer a choice of cognitive and entertaining excursions around Kaliningrad and the region, assist in the search for car and bicycle rent, bus rent, hiring guides and translators, advise tourists on the process of procurement of visas, supplying of transport and accommodation facilities, urban, rural, family, active and business tourism in the region, and cultural events. Information desks in the offices of RTIC, the railway station, the Khrabrovo airport, the website of the center, you can find all the useful information about the region, maps-schemes, information brochures, catalogs and guidebooks telling about the historical and tourist sights of the Kaliningrad region, cinema, museums , theaters, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, business and scientific conferences, shops, restaurants and nightclubs. International projects have been implemented to develop a network of tourist information centers along the coast of the entire Baltic Sea Region (Poland, Lithuania, Kaliningrad region), cross-border routes have been established, and a system information transfer system and promotion of the region have been established as a united tourist destination. Since 2013, the training of tourist volunteers has been carried out on the basis of the RTIC. During the summer period, 10 mobile information desks operate in the most visited tourist places in the Kaliningrad region, where every tourist can get a map of the city, tourist routes, a schedule of transport, a poster of cultural events, as well as recommendations for pastime.
# 2
Tourist information centre «Red Izba»
Sennaya Sq. 5, 173007, Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod region
Novgorod Oblast
+ 7 (8162) 77 30 74, +7 905 290 86 86, т/факс: +7 (8162) 73 73 42
Maps, city guides and all the information about the sights and events held in the city, accomodation in Veliky Novgorod, information on leasure in Veliky Novgorod: restaurants, cultural institutions, night clubs and more. Visa Support Book tourist invitation for the Russian visa in just a few minutes! Delicious and healthy souvenirs from Veliky Novgorod. Consulting guests by means of e-mail and phone calls, online-consultant on our website and tourist information hotline: (+7 905 290 86 86). Audioguide – a perfect opportunity to explore the historical part of the city – the Kremlin on your own!
# 30
Tourist Information centre of Lipetsk region
Lipetsk oblast, Lipetsk, Victory Avenue, d. 67a
Lipetsk Oblast
The principal activities of the institution are: the provision of physical and legal entities of information relating to tourism, including: - about the objects of tourist interest and a showing, including monuments of nature, history and culture; - cultural, sporting and social events of the region; - on the tourist routes passing through the region; about accredited guides-translators and guides; - transport services; - the accommodation facilities and the services provided; - the enterprises of public catering, trade and consumer services; - promoting the tourism potential of the Lipetsk region; the organization and carrying out advertising and informational tours aimed at promoting the tourism product of the region; participation in implementation of state programs of tourism development in the region, the establishment of international relations and implementation of international cooperation programs; rendering methodical, consulting and organizational assistance to local bodies municipalities and other organizations on issues in the field of tourism
# 54
State budgetary institution “Tourism Development Agency” Volgograd
13, Lenina street, Volgograd, Volgograd region
Volgograd Oblast
+7 (8442) 52-98-93
State budgetary institution “Tourism Development Agency” was established in 2003 in order to develop and promote both domestic and incoming tourism of Volgograd region. The first regional tourist information center was opened on the 11th of September, 2014, as a Tourism Development Agency unit. Organization main activities are: - Implementation of measures aimed at tourist product marketing and promotion in the domestic as well as international markets; - Development and control of central tourist information system; - Provided services extension; - Implementation of measures and projects for interregional and international cooperation in tourism; - Development and improvement of information system in order to provide the centralized record of regional tourist product. The second tourist information center was officially opened in Volgograd on Museum-Preserve “Old Sarepta” territory on the 15th of September, 2016.
# 96
Tourist Information Center of the Arkhangelsk Region
8, Svobody str., Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelsk region, Russia, 164500
Arkhangelsk Oblast
+7 (8182) 21-40-82, +79210712121
Tourist Information Center (TIC) assists in planning your journey in the Arkhangelsk region. TIC office is located in the historical center of Arkhangelsk. We provide tourist maps, booklets, postcards and promotional materials. One may take rest or leave luggage for storage in our office . We propose free tea/coffee & WiFi. Our employers are ready to consult you on issues concerning tourism and leisure in Arkhangelsk region.
# 28
nonprofit organization Information Tourist Center of Srevdlovsk Region
Yekaterinburg Russia
Sverdlovsk Oblast
88005554150, 8 (343) 2684686, 2980329 (499) 9220621 факс(343)359-88-11 *4150 звонок с мобильных бесплатно (звонок с мобильных по РФ бесплатно
information of tourist of Sverdlovsk region
# 47
Tourist information office "Ouglich"
Yaroslavl region, Ouglich, Rostovskaya, 6
NULLYaroslavl Oblast
+7 (48532) 2-30-72, +7 (915) 966-39-99
Tourist information office "Ouglich" provides full tourist information about the town and Yaroslavl region. We consult tourist agencies on programs possible in the region and we can provide guides (English, German, French). We provide full informational comfort for individuals travelling in Ouglich.
# 8
Nizhny Tagil Tourism Development Centre
Of. 521-522, Goroshnikov street, Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlosk Region
Sverdlovsk Oblast
+7(3435) 25-26-52, +7(3435) 42-11-18
The main performing goals of the Centre are: tourism development, including industrial one, informational services for tourists, Nizhny Tagil promotion at internal and outer touristic markets, creation of one touristic data space. The Centre has developed several projects being interesting both for the citizens and guests: walking tours, serlf-walking route "Malachite Line", thematic excursions, corporate museums visiting, different events. In future there are plans to enlarge the geography of tours with the help of neighbor settlements and cities.
# 83
"OOO Kazan Tourist Information Centre"
Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, 49 Bauman str.
Republic of Tatarstan
(843) 270-3-270
The company was founded in 2007 by a decision of the executive city committee of Kazan in order to provide information support for tourists arriving in Kazan. To support the opening of the Kazan TIC, the one-time grant for the annual maintenance of office was allocated from the city budget. Since early 2008, "OOO Kazan TIC" is working on self-sufficiency and provides tourists with information support. The company has 2 offices in the city center at the intersection of the city's major tourist routes, and also provides methodological assistance in the work of the information point at Kazan international airport. All offices provide tourist support in Russian and at least two foreign languages ​​(English is obligatory) - information about what to visit, working hours of sights and museums, where to eat, how to get, how to drive, etc. Tourist map of Kazan is published monthly, which in addition to the company's offices is freely distributed in 185 city hotels and on four info stands in Kazan international airport. The map shows the main tourist routes and places of interest, as well as useful information for city visitors. The second office of Kazan TIC works as excursion center - daily it offers guided tours to several areas in Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan. "Kazan Events Bill" is formed weekly and distributed to hotels and tour operators of the city. In 2011, upon Kazan TIC initiative, the "Republic of Tatarstan Tour Guides’ Guild" Association was formed, uniting the majority of the tour guides. Creation of this organizations enhanced the quality of service by holding lectures and training courses for tour guides. Kazan TIC is actively promoting the city and the Republic as a tourist destination at the domestic and foreign markets. It organizes the participation of the Republic’s hotels and tour operators in exhibition events at "Republic of Tatarstan" stand during Russian and international tourist exhibitions; it also represents the Republic at presentations of tourist potential of Russia. Kazan TIC is actively involved in the preparation and implementation of major tourism events of the Republic of Tatarstan: the international tourist exhibition "KITS" (Kazan), Kazan International tourism forum "Benchmarks of the Future", the industry professional competitions. In July 2013, during the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013, Kazan TIC was the partner of the Organizing Committee of the competition and provided tour service for more than 15,000 competitors; in 2015 an official partnership with the organizing committee of the XVI FINA World Aquatics Championship helped to introduce the Republic of Tatarstan to more than 10,000 participants and guests of the competitions. As for its own activities, Kazan TIC works with tourists providing accommodation in hotels, transport and excursion services, catering, etc. - Number of staff: 23 - Number of offices: 3 - Area: 90 sq.m. - CEO: Abramovich Nataliya - Contact for official information (telephone): +79033877640, +7 (843) 270-3-270 - E-mail for official information:
# 9
Omsk tourist information center
Omsk region, Omsk, Muzeynaya st. 3
Omsk Oblast
+ 7 (3812) 90-98-89, +7-913-149-98-89
In our center you can take an excursion with professional guides and interpreter. We provide you with maps and souvenirs, so you can get information, as well, for your personal trip or a sightseeing tour in Omsk. If needed, our employees will help you to book a room in a hotel, hostel or apartment. The center also holds the information about exhibitions, theatrical plays and other cultural events in Omsk. Omsk tourist information center undertakes special events such as: -Traveller's club; -Music nights; -Workshops and seminars; -Touristic activities for young people and more!
# 42
Tourist information centre of Khakassia
3 Druzhby Narodov St., Abakan, the Republic of Khakassia
Republic of Khakassia
+7 (3902) 32 32 50, 24 24 20
Tourist information centre of Khakassia is the main helper for those who travel over republic and also who just plan their rest in Khakassia. We tell you about sightseeing places in region, how you can get to some interesting places; help with booking of hotels or recreation centers and with searching of tour operator. Our staff speaks English powerfully and always ready to help foreign tourists. An important part of the Tourist information centre work is promotion of the republic’s tourist potential. Our employers prepare materials about regional touristic resources to federal and international media.
# 39
Tourist center of Altai Krai
Altai region, city of Barnaul
Altai Krai
+7(3852) 201-037, 201-038
Information about the history of krai, its monuments and places
# 13
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, State-Financed Agency “YamalTour”
629 008, Salekhard, ul. Chubynina 24 d.
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
+7(34922)4-49-49, +7(34922)4-15-15, +7(34922)3-73-59
Tourist services: 1. Free consultation in the office TIC visitors and providing the official website relevant and reliable information about the tourist offer in the area. 2. Training of professionals in the field of tourism. Refresher courses in the field of tourism: - Instructors of alloys / mountain climbing / support on the hiking trails. - on ethnographic tourism specialists. Guides. Practical programs for students. 3. The provision of free information materials. 4. Provision of paid programs of tours in the Yamalo-Nenets District (individual, corporate, excursion with the award of the certificate of crossing the Arctic Circle). 5. Pass Execution of the border zone YaNAO. 6. Ensuring cards / booklets District and the city of Salekhard. 7. Services guide / escort. 8. Free Wi-fi for TIC visitors. 9. Conducting workshops for the production of national souvenirs, beading, etc.
# 46
Tourist Information Center
62 Leninskaya Str., Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Kamchatka region
Kamchatka Krai
+7 (4152) 307-330
# 10
Tourist information centre of Tula region
Tula region, Tula, Tula Kremlin, Trading rows, pavilion 1
Tula Oblast
+7 (953) 199-82-38
Tourist information centre provides highly qualified information services for guests of the city and the region. Here you can find the necessary information about the region and get specialized printed materials. Tourist information centre in Tula region will help visitors to the region. We will solve any issue that can arise for the traveler: what to see, where to eat, where to stay for the night.
# 14
Tourism Development Center of Sverdlovsk region
Ekaterinburg, 13, 8 Marta Street, 13, 3 Entrance, 2 floor
Sverdlovsk Oblast
+7 (343) 350 05 25, +7 (343) 377 65 30
Tourism Development Center of Sverdlovsk region is a state organization, the main purpose of which is to create a positive tourist image of the region. The Tourism Development Center provides interaction between business, society and government within tourism sector, organizes B2B and B2C events, provides information support, organizes the participation of tourism industry representatives from Sverdlovsk region in federal and international exhibits, is engaged in the development of regional tourism products and brings the Sverdlovsk region to the international tourism market. The Tourism Development Center of Sverdlovsk region consists of two parts: an information center for tourists and an administrative site where the institution promotes tourism in the region, which unites professionals of the tourism industry, representatives of the authorities, the science community and public associations of the Urals on the development of the tourism sector. The Tourism Development Center of the Sverdlovsk region provides consulting services regarding regional tourism. Guests and residents of the region can contact the specialists of information and tourist center: * Information and tourist center 8 March St., 13, 3rd entrance, 2nd floor; * Information and tourist center at the railway terminal of the station "Ekaterinburg-Passenger" (Ekaterinburg, 22, Vokzalnaya St.); * Information and tourist center in terminal A of the international airport "Koltsovo" (Ekaterinburg, 1 Bakhchivanji St.). The main activities of the tourism development Center of the Sverdlovsk region: - Organization and participation of the Center in congress, exhibit and fair events; - Organization of participation of tourism industry representatives from Sverdlovsk region in Russian and international tourism exhibits; - Support of the events; - Development and production of tourist maps, guides to the Sverdlovsk region and catalogs; - Organization of informational tours of Sverdlovsk region for Russian and foreign tour operators and mass media; - Organization and holding of free workshops on folk arts and crafts and presentations at the Center; - Maintaining a register of tourist products sold in the region; - Provision of information support services for tourism in the region; - Organization of training for employees of the hospitality industry, representatives of travel companies, tour guides and others. Projects of the Tourism Development Center of Sverdlovsk region: 1. International tourism forum "The Great Ural" 2. Educational project "Ural for school" 3. Award of Sverdlovsk region in the hospitality industry "Ural star"
# 6
Tourist information centre of Perm Region
39 Lenina, Perm
Perm Krai
Tourist information centre is an agency founded and initiated by the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Perm Region with the view of developing, promoting and popularization of domestic and inbound tourism in the region. The core activity of TIC is to inform Russian and foreign tourists about traveling opportunities on the territory of the Perm region. The TIC consultants provide the visitors with all the necessary information on sightseeing, routes, events and about places of accommodation and transport. Participation at touristic exhibitions, organization of events and forums focused on tourism, interaction with representatives of tourism business – are the main functions of TIC in promotion of the Perm region. In order to make traveling on the territory of the Perm region more convenient, TIC established new branches in Kungur and Solikamsk. The head office of TIC is in Perm.
# 139
Yakutia Tourist Information Centre
24 Lenin Prospekt St. (AZIMUT Hotel Polar Star), 1004 Office, 677000, Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Sakha Republic
+7(4112) 25-11-26, +7(924) 765-11-26
Yakutia Tourist Information Centre helps tourists to get informed about Yakutia - tours, accommodation, transportation, restaurants, cafes, museums, sightseeings, interpretation and etc. Our Centre has English, German and Japanese speaking specialists. Also our Centre provides such additional service as excursions, which can be a walk through the city sights, visits to the museums, and much more, including individual excursions.
# 95
Torist-Information Centre of Primorsky Territory
Semyonovskaya, 29 , Korabelnaya naberezgnaya 1a, Airport, Primorsky Region, Vladivostok
Primorsky Krai
8 (423) 240-71-21, 240-71-20
Tourist information centre is autonomic non commercial oganization that was found to form united information zone about tourist resources and routs of Primorsky territory. Tourist information centre provides consultations and information about objects of cultural legacy, nature sightseeing, tourist routs, transport services, accommodations, cultural and sport events in Vladivostok and Primorsky territory. Tourist information centre managers give information to foreign tourists in English and Chinese languages. As well as providing information, Tourist information centre has goal to promote Primorsky territory on inbound and outbound tourists markets. It includes different kind of events: organizing forums, round tables, seminars, expos, presentations; providing help in preparing projects for inbound tourism popularization; forming positive look and acknowledgment of Primorsky territory.
# 89
Touristic information Center of Pereslavl-Zalesskiy
Rostovskaya St, 27, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Yaroslavl region 152020, Russian Federation
NULLYaroslavl Oblast
+7(48535) 3-84-32, +7(920)141-18-32
Touristic Information Center is one of organization which gives their clients information about local touristic products, attractions, a history, an event calendar, excursions, transport, shops, entertainments, etc. Also, Tourcenter spreads touristic maps of Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, guidebooks, gives in a rent of portative audioguide devices, sells souvenirs and gives many over helpful information. Center makes events, gives consults for specialists and managers in tourism from Pereslavl-Zalesskiy.
# 85
Saint Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau
14/52 Sadovaya ul.; 37 Sadovaya ul., Saint Petersburg, Russia
+7 (812) 242-39-09, +7 (812) 242-39-04
The purpose of the institution is tourism development in Saint Petersburg by promoting St. Petersburg to the regional and international tourist markets and creating a comfortable information environment for the tourists in the city. The institution carries out the following activities: - tourist and information activities (free information support for the tourists personally, by phone or e-mail) - exhibition activities (participation in the regional and international exhibitions, forums, roundtables and conferences to promote the positive image of Saint Petersburg outside the city) - the Internet promotion (the active social networks presence, the development of the official city tourist portal and the official site of the institution) - the international and interregional cooperation (communication with the tourist information centers of Russia and abroad for exchange of the experience and mutual promotion; participation in the international associations)
# 4
Tourist Information Centre of the Novosibirsk region
34, Oktyabrskaya str., Novosibirsk, 630007, Novosibirsk region
Novosibirsk Oblast
+7(383)286 54 90 , 052
We provide tourists and locals with free consultations about sights, beautiful places, interesting events, cultural, educational, recreational activities in the Novosibirsk region.
# 242
Tourist information centre of the Stavropol region
Stavropol region, Essentuky, Oktyabrskaya St. 468
Stavropol Krai
+7 800-200-10-80
# 266
Municipal autonomous intitution of the Svetlogorsk district "Tourism information center"
Kaliningrad region, Svetlogorsk, K.Marksa st. 7-a
Kaliningrad Oblast
+7 (40153) 2 20 98
Tourism information center of the Svetlogorsk district provides: - tourist information - maps, routes, guides - hotel booking - excursions - car and bicycle rental - conference-hall - exhibition-hall - event ticket service - souvenirs
# 280
Tourist Information Center of Voronezh
394036, Voronezh region, Voronezh, Revolution Av., 27
Voronezh Oblast
+7 (473) 228-75-00
The Tourist Information Center of Voronezh provides information for the Russian and foreign tourists regarding interesting places and sights of the City and the Voronezh Region, advising on accommodation, food and transport, as well as assisting in the organization of educational and entertainment tours. The Center distributes useful information materials about the Region: schematic maps, brochures, catalogs and guides describing the historical and tourist attractions of the area, cinemas, museums, theaters, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, business and scientific conferences.
# 278
Rostov-on-Don Tourist Information Centre
45, B. Sadovaya Str., Rostov-na-Donu, 344002 Russia
Rostov Oblast
Tourist Information Centre (TIC) is a united information portal where you can access the most complete and relevant information on the tourist sights of the city and Region. Unified base of tours guided by Rostov City and Rostov Region leading tour operators is being put together. TIC provides its visitors with complete information on the city attractions, museums, events and festivals, taking place in the city. TIC provides: - information on guided tours around Rostov-na-Donu and Rostov Region - information on the city hotels and restaurants - free information materials on Rostov-na-Donu - presentation print products - historical literature on local studies - gifts and souvenirs - events announcements - tickets for guided tours, concerts and festivals - information available in English Our phone number +7-800-550-10-61 Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 21:00 Follow us on social networks: Instagram. com/tic.rostov
# 289
Tourism and Promotion Agency of the Tyumen Region
625000, 61 Sovetskaya st., Tyumen
Tyumen Oblast
8 (3452) 56 89 72
Tourism and Promotion Agency of the Tyumen Region is a state autonomous institution subordinated to the Department of the Consumer Market and Tourism of the Tyumen Region. Its main goals are development and popularization of domestic and incoming tourism in the region. Main activities: - support and development of domestic, incoming, independent, sports, health-improving, social, children's, youth, cultural and educational tourism; - rendering of tourist-information services in stationary centers and outside them; remotely via Internet; - provision of consulting, information-analytical, organizational and methodical services to business entities, state authorities and local self-government; - quality monitoring of tourist products, tourist services, other services related to the subject of the activities of the Agency; - assistance to the tourist industry development on the territory of the Tyumen region; - organization of the formation of tourist products of the Tyumen region (development of excursion programs and routes, ensuring the safety of tourists, coordination of interaction of transport enterprises, enterprises of the tourist industry) and their certification; - organization of manufacturing and installation of tourist navigation signs on the territories of the Tyumen region and information support of guest routes; - organization of the presentation of the Tyumen region resources on the territory of the Russian Federation and beyond, the promotion of the Tyumen region; - organization of exhibition and fair activities, organization of seminars and presentations in the Russian Federation and abroad, procurement sessions, conferences, symposiums, business meetings and visits of delegations, and other congress and exhibition events. Planned projects: - development of the Tyumen region tourist brand ; - development, filling and maintenance of the tourist portal of the Tyumen region; - development of the VisitTyumen mobile application; - creation of a high quality photo and video bank of the Tyumen region tourist objects; - holding See you in Tyumen media campaign; - development of the federal route called The Imperial Route; - installation of an art object; - blog-tours holding; - promotion of the Tyumen region's tourism industry in social networks; - participation in regional and international exhibitions, development of exhibition expositions, etc.
# 323
Municipal budgetary institution "Museum and exhibition center" the city of Kogalym
Russia, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, Kogalym, ul. Druzhby Narodov, 40
Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug
+7 (34667) 20543, 28858, 25123
To visit the Museum and Exhibition center (Kogalym city) Having visited the Museum and Exhibition center, you will be able to visit the tent of the pioneers and the real railway wagon. In addition, you could see the Cossack’s Strug of the times of Ermak, look into a Khanty chum, make the journey to the center of the globe and meet many of the unique exhibits related with the history of the city and oil industry. The unusual aspect of the museum exposition is that the blocks of the exposition are accompanied by the interactive programs and by the bright and informative movies about the construction of Kogalym, cultural and natural wealth and people of the city; there are also the movies about the development of the industrial sphere. Besides, all visitors of the museum have a great opportunity to visit the board of the ultramodern space liner and make a trip into space – thanks to the room of «Trace-Force» or to be in the Russian Museum – thanks to the project «Russian Museum: virtual branch». Museum and exhibition center of Kogalym is one of the most modern and high-tech museums in Russia! To see the capital of OOO «LUKOIL-Western Siberia» (Kogalym city) The brand «LUKOIL» is familiar to many people, but very few people know that the first letters are formed from the names of the three northern cities: Langepas, Urai, Kogalym, where oil is produced. Kogalym city is called the pearl of Western Siberia. Living conditions in this city are equated to the conditions of the Far North. The temperature of the environment in winter drops here to -40, -50 C. The city seems fabulous in winter - all trees are covered with hoarfrost. Here is the birthplace of the real Russian winter. Sports and Culture complex «Galaxy» (Kogalym city) Sports and Culturecomplex «Galaxy» is a unique place of rest, where the best modern technologies were appliedduring construction. A pearl of the complex - is the oceanarium «Aquatica», one of the 10 largest oceanariums in the world! The complex «Galaxy» allows you to make a journey from «winter to summer»: there is an aquapark «At the crest of the wave» to the guests services with three adult slides and a journey along the «slow river»; there is also an artificial wave. What is more,there is a surf-attraction in the aquapark, which will allow testing the strength of both beginners and professional surfers. Such surf-rides are very rare for Russia. Besides, the complex includes: a climbing wall, a skating-rink, a bowling alley, a cinema, a large shopping gallery, a fitness center and a subtropical greenhouse. The visitors of the greenhouse will discover a world of 7 different gardens - from the Japanese garden to the palm forest and the jungle! To see the Khanty settlement (Kogalym city) To visit an ethnographic camp, to see a chum, taste national dishes; also, you can get acquainted with the culture, way of life and traditions of the indigenous peoples of the North (the Khanty) in the ethnographic excursion program «The Khanty Settlement». The tourists are attracted by ecologically clean rest, fishing and special national flavor. To see the «white» nights The city of Kogalym is also interesting because you can see the so-called «white» nights every year in June. It is an amazing natural phenomenon, which is striking with its beauty the guests of the cityannually. Due to the fact that the city of Kogalym was built very compactly, it is suitablefor hiking, and «white» nights allow you to see its sights at night.
# 345
Tourism Development Center of Kyshtym
25 “A” Lenin Street Chelyabinskaya region 456870 Kyshtym Russia
Chelyabinsk Oblast
Kyshtym is called the "Ural Venice" thanks to more than 30 lakes on its territory, and "Ural Switzerland" - in fact, the Ural mountain range originates hereby. There are 12 bridges, 4 churches, 2 ancient factories and the first built in the Ural hydraulic system. It is the place in the valley of the Ural Mountains, where in the 19th century one of the first workers` rebellion took place, where the 31st US President Herbert Hoover worked in the early 20th century, where the majestic architecture of the past complements the spectacular landscapes of the South Ural. The convenient geographical position and accessible tourist infrastructure make our town attractive for tourists. The Center provides tourists with accommodation, arranges active recreation and cognitive excursions
# 341
Touristic information center
Russian Federation, Komi Republic, Syktyvkar, Karla Marksa St, 229
Komi Republic
+7 (8212) 255-449, +7 (8212) 390-200
You can learn about the cultural and historical sights and natural beauties of our republic with us , find and book a hotel or a camp site for leisure and business travel. With our center, you can choose any tourist routes you want in Syktyvkar and the Komi Republic, a real help is our calendar of upcoming events, it will give you an opportunity to create an interesting program for an unforgettable trip.
# 388
Information and Tourist Service
Sverdlovsk Oblast, Ekaterinburg city,
Sverdlovsk Oblast
Information and Tourist Service (ITS) is the first municipal service in Ekaterinburg uniting all the elements of the city's hospitality industry in an integrated information space. It has been successfully operating at the incoming tourism market for 11 years. Information and Tourist Service is glad to welcome visitors in Ekaterinburg and offer a wide range of information services for travelers of all categories. ITS specialists are ready to competently advise on all aspects of organizing a visit to the Capital of the Urals, recommend museums and attractions to see, hotels to stay and restaurants to dine at, as well as help visitors choose and book tours. As of today, there are more than 60 certified tours available in Ekaterinburg: from a walking city tour to multi-day active tours in the wider area of the Urals. Free maps and printed city guides provided at the ITS office will help plan an independent visit to Ekaterinburg and easily find one's way around the most compact of the major Russian cities. Information and Tourist Service office is located at the very heart of Ekaterinburg. Here the travelers can take a break from exploring the city, use the Internet, print out documents, and receive all the information necessary to fully enjoy the visit to the Capital of the Urals.
# 406
Information and Tourist Service
Sverdlovsk Oblast, Ekaterinburg city,
Sverdlovsk Oblast
Information and Tourist Service (ITS) is the first municipal service in Ekaterinburg uniting all the elements of the city's hospitality industry in an integrated information space. It has been successfully operating at the incoming tourism market for 11 years. Information and Tourist Service is glad to welcome visitors in Ekaterinburg and offer a wide range of information services for travelers of all categories. ITS specialists are ready to competently advise on all aspects of organizing a visit to the Capital of the Urals, recommend museums and attractions to see, hotels to stay and restaurants to dine at, as well as help visitors choose and book tours. As of today, there are more than 60 certified tours available in Ekaterinburg: from a walking city tour to multi-day active tours in the wider area of the Urals. Free maps and printed city guides provided at the ITS office will help plan an independent visit to Ekaterinburg and easily find one's way around the most compact of the major Russian cities. Information and Tourist Service office is located at the very heart of Ekaterinburg. Here the travelers can take a break from exploring the city, use the Internet, print out documents, and receive all the information necessary to fully enjoy the visit to the Capital of the Urals.
# 406
State Autonomous institution of culture of Sverdlovsk region «Innovative Cultural Center»
18B, Lenina street, Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk region
Sverdlovsk Oblast
IN THE TOURIST INFORMATION CENTER you can get all the necessary information about events, tour routes, sightseeings, accommodation facilities located not only in Pervouralsk, but also in the Sverdlovsk region. The services are free of charge. THE CENTER PROVIDES THE FOLLOWING SERVICES: • Useful information for tourists; • Sverdlovsk region attractions; • Sights of Pervouralsk; • Tours
# 412